Our Promise

We have been manufacturing Fresh made Premium Organic Skin Care products to private label skin care companies for over 20 years. We noticed that some of them, once attaining success, were more concerned with reducing quality (no matter what), in order to increase profits!

We, as the real manufacturer know the price of organic raw materials and we will never sacrifice quality for profit. We launched our Oblige by Nature line to assure the consumer that they will continue to receive premium quality organic skin care products for fair and reasonable prices. Affordability should not be confined solely to the rich and famous.
Everyone has a right to benefit from the best products from our planet.

What makes us different?

Our Origin.

We come from a naturopathic health care background and we extended that knowledge to the personal care while still carrying our healthcare products.

Our Unicity.

We are making our products in such unique ways compared to traditional cosmetologists. No stabilizers, no fillers (Ex: you need to shake our fluid moisturizers) No trends; we do not follow trends for instance, age defying products. We offer what has value, not what sells. We offer health and safety not vain promises.


"What you put ON your body...

...Ends up IN your body"

Care for your skin and hair should be... Simple. 
Clean, Safe, Natural, and Cruelty Free.

Only by
Obligé by Nature