Organic and Natural Preservatives

As we hear more and more about Natural and/or organic preservatives, I have these comments to make:

First of all, it is going against Nature and the Environment to pursue the search for ingredients that will allow products to stay fresh for years to come. Products that do so are much less biodegradable, mostly polluting, not so safe and certainly not fresh at all, even if they may look like it.

The quest to find Natural or Organic preservatives is doomed from the start.

Indeed, some ingredients will slow down the degrading process so that the products will not go bad within days of their purchase, but in the overall, they need to break down via the action of bacteria or fungi in the air.

The bottom line is oils will oxidize and go rancid, watery products will eventually grow mold and deteriorate.

For Health and Beauty products, we can use alcohols or phenols very efficiently, but alcohols are drying and phenols are aggressive to the skin (dermo-caustic).

We at Naprodis rely basically on Sodium benzoate (as a salt of benzoic acid) and Potassium sorbate (as a salt of sorbic acid) the way they are primarily used in Europe. We also rely on Grapefruit seed extract, an ingredient much more accepted in the US in spite of the many controversies it has engendered.

As far as the rest, we have studies and tested a lot of other methods that are unfortunately not an efficient or reliable as some may indicate.

Paul-Francois Petit