For the Face: The Premium Facial Fluid Moisturizer (PFFM)

For the Body: The Fluid Body Moisturizer.

  • The skin is a semi-porous (exact terminology is semi-permeable) organ, “what you put ON your body ends up IN your body.”

  • “The fluid moisturizer hydrates AND nourishes the skin without disturbing the natural function of the skin which builds a defensive layer against the environment.”

  • Organic hydrolates and natural liposomes form when you shake the moisturizer. It is that affinity of the skin with the liposome that makes this so natural. The sebaceous glands supply the oil and lecithin based phospholipids, and the sweat glands supply the water and electrolytes, both unite to form liposomes constituting the acid mantle of the skin. Apply it right away and the moisturizing and nourishing vegetal oils are delivered down deep through the skin where it works the best .


Paul-Francois Petit