Wax is an important part of the biochemistry arsenal to protect from water. A wax is made up of esters which are water resistant. It is the type of bio-chemicals birds have on their skin. For instance, ducks wouldn’t be able to float over water all day long if it wasn’t for wax on their feathers.

It behaves similarly on human skin, acting as a strong physical water resistant protector. Most manufacturers use wax in their lotion to gives this heavier or thicker effect on your skin, sometimes even giving a slightly “glue-ish” effect. It is widely used efficiently for underwater divers, for construction workers submitted constantly to harsh chemicals (cement), for sailors facing hash weather conditions and constant humidity, high altitude mountain climbers etc… What may be good for harsh weather, water or chemicals exposure is not necessary good for safe day to day comfort living. Wax bears the unpleasant responsibility of clogging our pores and therefore not letting your body exchange freely with the exterior.

Basically, if you skin is completely dried out, cracked or heavily damaged, you need to use wax to maintain its functions (although we recommend using Shea butter or Body Butters instead). However, if you skin is normal, you should avoid wax as much as possible (if you use waxy lotions, you can literally run your nails along your skin and collect all the wax accumulated behind your nails). This is why Obligé by Nature came up with its own Wax-Free Body lotion. This lotion based on lighter lotions as widely used in Europe, was developed by Dr. Petit to give a new light and smooth sensation to your skin. The lotion is a lot more sophisticated being over 95% Organic!! Our lotion is so pure that it is safe and gentle enough to be used on babies or the elderly. The organic ingredients and essential oils we use penetrate deep within the layers of the skin, nourishing the skin without leaving it feeling oily or clogging the pores.

A lotion addressed to all the smart beautiful women of the world.

So let your skin try this new experience!!

Paul-Francois Petit