Premium Facial Fluid Moisturizer

 Age Delay Hydration Spray


Unique anti-oxidant rich Moisturizing Facial Cocktail. 
All day, everyday, thirst quencher for all skin types.
It mimics the skin’s own delivery system providing protection,
moisture and nutrients to the cells. 

Why it works so well:
Oblige by Nature  is committed to use skin identical substances or ingredients which are the same as the natural components of the skin that help hold skin cells together and protect them. With regular use, these ingredients will replenish and restore the skin’s external protective barrier allowing it to stay soft and supple, diminishing and potentially reducing dryness. 

Red wine Grapeseed extract contains Resveratrol found in the skin, seeds and stems of the red grape. 

1. Protects from toxins, sun exposure as well as many other irritants in the air that concur to induce damages to our skin. Reduces sun damage from UVA and UVB rays when applied to the skin. 
2. Reduces inflammation of the skin. 
3. Neutralizes existing free radicals and prevents harmful molecules from forming in the first place. 
4. Soothes and tones the skin. Resveratrol helps maintain collagen levels for better elasticity and firmer skin. 
5. Increases mitosis (regeneration of new cells) in the skin, restoring and maintaining healthy skin tissue. 

What does it do?:
We have created these highly efficient layers in our Premium Facial Fluid Moisturizer. 

- The skin protective and nutritive layer is made up of a water element, and an oil element united by phospholipids. 
- The OIL component (Sebum) is provided by the Sebaceous glands. 
- The WATER Component (water, mineral salts and trace elements) is provided by the Sweat glands. 
- Our skin’s Own emulsifier is made up of phospholipids (lecithin) blends both components into our protective layer keeping our skin moist and healthy. 

What's in it?:

OIL Components 
- Organic Rosehip seed oil - Fast absorbing, rich in essential fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic), anti-inflammatory properties, anti-oxidant, soothing to the skin, reparative and protective. 
- Organic Olive oil - anti-oxidant rich, regenerative, improves skin elasticity. 
- Organic Avocado oil - Rich in healing vitamins (B, C, D, E and K), anti-inflammatory, reparative for aging and sun damaged skin, improves elasticity. 
- Organic Grapeseed oil - Rich in vitamins A (B-Carotine), C and D, anti-inflammatory, rich in fatty acids (linoleic, olenic, palmatic and stearic), anti-aging properties. 
- Organic Sea Buckthorn Berry oil - rich in vitamins, nutrients and fatty oils essential in skin repair. 
- Organic Jojoba oil - Anti-oxidant rich, it is a wax ester similar to human skin oil (sebum), it can balance the production of oil in acne prone skin. 
- Organic Tamanu oil - Anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, reparative. 
- Organic Pomegranate oil - Regenerative, anti-inflammatory, defends skin from free radicals, great on all skin types even acne prone skins, calming, restores skin balance. 
- Anti-oxidants - Rosemary extract, d-α-Tocopherol (Vit E) 

- Non-GMO Organic soy lecithin

WATER Components
- Organic Mint Geranium hydrolate (hydrosol from steam distillation of the plant) - anti-inflammatory, anti-septic. 
- Organic Grapeseed extract - anti-oxidant rich, strengthens the immune response, increases Vit C levels, strengthens the capillaries, nourishes and strengthens skin cells, alpha-hydroxyl acid improves collagen and elastin structures, firms and helps skin cells accept and retain moisture, can reduce scarring on skin, can help decrease varicose veins, anti-inflammatory due to Resveratrol and procyanidins which are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. 
- Almond extract -  Soothing and emollient. 
- Sodium benzoate - Food preservative avoiding phenols and alcohols which are drying to the skin. 
- Hyaluronic acid - Skin tissue repair. 
- Citric acid - pH balance

Directions: Shake and take along with you this rehydration sensation!

Paul-Francois Petit