Daily Skincare Regimen

Step 1 - Cleanse:
The cleanser can be a Milk (or Crème) Cleanser which is an emulsion (looking like milk or cream), it can also be a Gel Cleanser which is a surfactant (much like a liquid soap or shampoo), or it can be a Clay Cleanser which is high in clay to absorb impurities from the surface and the underlying epidermis of the face.

Oblige by Nature offers all three types, and also a unique Gel Crème Clay Cleanser which is a Gel, Crème and Clay Cleanser all in one.

For an everyday routine on a healthy skin, a Crème, or a Gel Cleanser should suffice. For deeper cleansing (depending on your skin) you can use a Clay Cleanser or our unique Gel Crème Clay Cleanser.

When using a Clay Cleanser, the longer you keep it on, the deeper the cleansing. The best method is to spread it gently on the wet face, let it stay for a minimum of 3 minutes, preferably 5, but up to 15. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Gel Cleanser-Purifying:

  • sulfate-free

  • formulated for break out prone skin.

  • contains the organic essential oil of Tea Tree

How to use: Moisten the face. Apply one pump volume on the tip of your fingers. Massage gently into face using small circular motion. Rinse thoroughly.

                                                                           --- OR ---

Gel Crème Cleanser- Normal Skin:

  • is also appropriate for children and elderly persons

  • is a Gel, but it's also a Crème, a nice combination

  • contains French White Kaolin Clay for a deep cleanse to facilitate the extraction of toxins

  • contains the organic essential oils of Geranium and Rosewood

How to use: Moisten the face with water. Apply one pump volume on the tip of your fingers. Massage the face in small circles. Rinse thoroughly.

*Gel Crème Cleansers are also offered in formulas for blemished, sensitive and all skin types.

Step 2 - Hydrate:
After cleansing your skin needs hydration, choose from one of our Hydrating Toners to give your skin a “drink”. Recommended use: morning and evening .On a clean face, use a water based toner to bring water to the tissues. The best method is to use a mister or sprayer.

Fleur de Lavande- Plant Hydrolate:
Organic French Lavender Hydrolate with B-Vitamin Complex for hydration of the face.

How to use: After using your favorite Oblige by Nature cleanser, spray hydrolate directly onto face for a refreshing hydrated feeling.

*All plant hydrolates are suitable for any skin type. We also offer Plant Hydrolates in Geranium, Neroli, and Rose

Step 3 - Nourish:
Now that your skin has had a “drink” it is ready to “eat”. Our Rose hip Fusion provides necessary nourishment for your skin. Recommended use: morning and evening.

After hydration from the toner, the moisture is stabilized by the use of a moisturizer.

Rosehip Fusion- Normal Skin:
A sophisticated blend of highly nutritive fatty and essential oils in a convenient package for normal skin.

How to use: On a clean face, after spraying a hydrolate (hydrating the skin), massage the skin verygently with our Rosehip Fusion blend until it is fully absorbed. For day time apply Facial Moisturizing Crème for added physical protection. Do not add a cream during night time.

*Rosehip fusion is also offered in a formula for sensitive skin.

Step 4 - Moisturize:
A moisturizer can be an oil based solution (pure vegetable oil or an emulsion, or better still, our unique water/oil fluid moisturizer which offers both types.
(If you have a tendency to have dry skin, the oily base will be more effective; or If you have a tendency to have an oily skin, the emulsion will be more profitable.)

Apply Premium Facial Fluid Moisturize An amazing blend created to hydrate and nourish in one product! Recommended use: throughout the day as needed. Our Premium Facial Fluid Moisturizer (PFFM) provides the ideal solution for moisturizing the face. It will bring both water and oil as a liposomal structure to the epidermis and will penetrate very fast to reach the underlying tissues thus assuring proper moisture, not only of the surface of the skin, but to the deep tissues as well.

Premium Facial Fluid Moisturizer:
How to use: After cleansing with your favorite Oblige by Nature cleanser, shake vigorously until one color, spray one pump into palm of hand, rub hands together then gently pat Facial Fluid Moisturizer all over face. May also be used throughout the day for added moisture. Perfect for all skin types.

Step 5 - Protect (optional):
Apply Protective Moisturizing Crème to provide a layer of protection against wind, heat and cold. Especially reccomended for the summer and winter seasons. Recommended use: morning only.

Additional Skincare Products:

-Eye Make-Up Remover:
Gently removes eye make-up. Recommended use: prior to Step 1.

How to use: Before cleansing face, shake until 1 color, spray 2 pumps into palm of hand, using Q-tip or finger tip rub solution onto eyes and wipe off make-up. Follow with your favorite Obligé by Nature facial cleanser.

-Protective Eye Crème:
Nourishes, moisturizes, reduces fine lines, and protects the delicate eye area. Recommended use: Step 4, morning only.

-Rosehip Fusion for Blemished Skin:
Get rid of breakouts! Recommended use: Apply directly to blemish after Step 2 morning and evening or throughout the day as needed.

-Clay Masks:
Detoxifies and exfoliates the skin. Recommended use: Once a month after Step 1(cleansing), follow with Steps 2, 3 and 4.

Green Clay Blend:
French Green Clay Blended with Sea Algae and Herbs for a gentle detox and exfoliating action on normal skin.

How to use: Mix enough clay blend with one of our hydrolates, until you obtain a smooth creamy mixture. Spread the mixture on the skin to be treated and keep it moist for at least 20 minutes. This is the times it takes for the clay to be efficient. Keeping it until it dries as advised by some individuals is just a waste of time and money. Once dry, the clay is no longer active and therefore useless. To keep it moist just spray some hydrolate on the surface of the clay. Remove with a cottonball and water and rinse thoroughly. Hydrate the skin afterwards with our hydrolates and nourish with our Fusion oils.

-Tinted Moisturizing Crème- Normal Skin:
How to use:
For the face, after cleansing and hydrating, dot crème on face sparingly. To smooth, gently pat over skin until blended in and reapply to get desired color. Wash hands after application as red kaolin clay may stain your finger tips, but is machine washable on clothing


Paul-Francois Petit