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Why Organic?

Up to a hundred years ago, everything was organic.

There were no pesticide chemicals being used in farming or in our agriculture. There were no synthetic preservative chemicals to make our products last forever. Household products were made fresh from organic ingredients and were preserved with organic vinegar, salt, citrus and essential oils. This method created preservation that would last several months to one year. This sounds like a small amount of time compared to the several years of shelf-life that a lot of our household products have today, but since current organic preservatives can extend a shelf life to about a year, why do we even need our products to last any longer than that? Does it really take longer than a year to use a bottle of shampoo, facial cleanser or lotion?


Today's personal care manufacturers want their products to last years because it creates better profit margins.

The longer the product lasts, the more that can be sold around the world to distributors who stock and hold their products in large quantities for years. Manufacturers give distributors discounts based on the volume they purchase. The larger the order, the larger the discount. But distributors do not want to buy large quantities unless the shelf life of the products are over several years so they are not left with spoiled products. This has made the personal care industry rely on synthetic chemicals to extend the shelf life by years in order to make a large sum of money. But why can't manufacturers make personal care products fresh and just sell smaller quantities in order for their distributors to be able to buy them and sell them in a shorter period of time instead of storing thousands of products in a warehouse?

The number of chemicals in household and beauty products is growing every year.

People have become so concerned with saving money, making money and convenience that they have forgotten about their own safety. These effects are starting to make themselves known. If you had a blood test you would find hundreds of chemicals in your blood. These chemicals may never fully leave the body. Isn't it interesting that it has only been from the last one hundred years that so many chemicals have made their way into personal products and in the same last one hundred years cancer and disease has been at an all time high! There is no telling what the long term effect of chemicals will be on our bodies and planet. With new research linking these chemicals to cancer, birth defects, asthma, reproductive harm and other ailments, people are starting to understand how important organic products really are. It's a decision that all of us, who are concerned about the health of our family and ourselves, have to make; pay a little bit more now for organic, chemical-free products or save money by purchasing products that contain chemical ingredients and possibly incur the far greater cost by sacrificing your health? Preventative health measures are much more inexpensive in the long run; pay now or pay later.