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7 Reasons to buy Oblige By Nature

Products are pure , 100% natural with the following characteristics:

  1.  No parabens: Parabens are the most widely used preservatives.
  2.  No Sulfates: Sulfates Are Detergents or “Surfactants”.
  3.  No Synthetic Chemicals
  4.  No chemical fragrances: Fragrances that once cost tens of thousands of dollars can now be obtained for a few cents—but at a steep cost to health.
  5.  No Phthalates:  Phthalates, have been linked to the development of type II diabetes.
  6.  100% Vegan
  7.  No  Animal testing: Oblige By Nature does not test any product on animals or use any ingredient that may have been tested on animals. Oblige by nature is a cruetly free company.

Cruelty Free